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This is a woman owned company! This brainchild business is the result of more than 10 years of fumbling through workouts and fad diets and trying desperately to build the body that I always wanted. That left me knowing that there are others out there just like I was..In search of the right teacher. Workouts that can be done at home..without fancy equipment..and with the knowledge and expertise to keep me safe from injury and knowing that real health starts from the inside before it can begin to show outward.
Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, April Hovelson

April Hovelson

Fitness Trainer, Founder

I'm a mom to three boys and reside in New York City. A former professional dancer and teacher, I have switched my focus to all things fitness and weight training which was a natural transition. I am ISSA certified in Personal Training, Nutrition, Group Fitness, and soon to be, Body Building! I am also a Multiple Sclerosis warrior of 20 years. It has lead me down a path of finding strength in the imperfect and that also teaching women that the need to modify is not a weakness but absolutely necessary....and that is ok. I teach compassion and grace with our bodies as we meet it where it is and take it..safely...where we want it to go.  I want to share that passion with you and look forward to helping you reach your goals.

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