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Come Join Me!

The Ah Ha Moment Fit App is perfect for on the go and at-home workouts that WORK!


You won't find perfection here! I won't be made up, limit my work so that I don't sweat, or take it easy in any way. You will see me struggle, sweat, talk myself into the challenge so that you see and mirror what it takes to really build and change your body! You will even see my imperfect house and kids along the way..


Workouts that work

With a variety of workouts to choose from and NEW workouts being added weekly, you will be sure to find a routine that you love! There will be educational lives, live workouts, challenges, recipes, blog posts and SO Much More! There are so many great features as well like: sending the workout to your TV, recording yourself along with me to compare your form and choosing your own music playlist to play with the workout!

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