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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 1:1 Coaching and the pre-built Programs?

The 1:1 coaching offers a personalized experience with a workout schedule and program that is designed specifically for your goals. It offers accountability and connection with April along with a community of other BBAB 1:1 clients. Not only will you be coached on Training, but you will also receive Nutritional Coaching (if you choose) and access to educational guides to keep you on track! 

The BBAB pre-built programs are for the moms who are not sure that they can commit to a coach yet, but want to start training right away with the systems that work! It is broken down into 3 or 5 day splits so that it can still work with a busy moms schedule and you can progress into a more aggressive program! 

Are these workouts meant for home or the gym?

The beauty of these workouts is that you can do them at home or the gym!  If you have a gym membership, they can absolutely translate into the gym. As a busy mom to three boys, I was never able to find the time to go to the gym to do the workout so I always made the workout work for me at home. You would be surprised at what you can accomplish with only some dumbbells and resistance bands!

How will the programming be delivered?

The Pre-Built programs will be delivered straight to your email after payment has been made in full. The guide has everything you need in order to start your workout routine right away. Once you have purchased, it does not go away, and you can continue to do the program as many times as you would like!  

1:1 training will receive their programming in multiple ways with an app being in the works!

I love feeling apart of a Community, When will I be allowed in the Facebook Group?

The Facebook group will accept your request to join once valid payment has been processed and you have an ID # assigned to you. We want everyone to feel great in this group so please offer help and positive support! 

I'm ready to be coached. What does that entail?

You will get a consultation call from April where we will go through your current state of health, where you want to be, physique goals, and then we will discuss the best plan of action to get there. You will input your time availability and any limitations you might have (illnesses or injuries) before the overall program is created. April will guide you on nutrition and also set your Macros for you! You will then wait 3-4 days for a complete program designed for you! Accountability protocols will be set in place by both of us and you will officially join the community! How exciting?!

How long am I committed to coaching?

I offer training packages that start at 3 Months and that would be the minimum required. I also offer packages for 6 months, 12 months, 15 months and 18 months. The length of time you commit to changes the price. The longer you commit to means you save more money in the long run. If you start with 3 months, you can always add more time as you want! Ideally you would be with me through an entire Macrocycle which is a year. A year is made up of 4 Mesocycles in which a different progression occurs. As your body starts to change, so does your Macros, your weight selection and the intensity to which you need to work out in order to not plateau. Pre-paid and payment plans are available to fit your budget.


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